Value Pricing: Some Mischievously Misleading Musings

Recently, a practitioner named Frank Stitely, CPA posted his thoughts in CPA Trendlines on how charging a very high fee for work that only took a few hours can backfire. Understandingly, this post invoked a lot reaction from the proponents of value pricing including me. Continue reading “Value Pricing: Some Mischievously Misleading Musings”

Even smart people come to the wrong conclusions … to their cost!

Listen to this and form your own view about what really counts if you want to create something great whether it be a business or a product. You’ll recognize the voices I’m sure.

What’s holding YOU back?

For the better part of 30+ years I have been on a journey to share with my colleagues in the accounting profession some ideas I have that will help them help their clients and themselves have a better life by having a better business. This has become our by-line Better Business*Better Life. Continue reading “What’s holding YOU back?”

Timesheets and Managing a Professional Service Firm

One of the most common questions I get asked is: “What do you think of the idea of trashing timesheets?”  My standard answer is: “It might be a great initiative for your firm if it is a catalyst for creating a client value centric business model but some form of time monitoring does provide useful management information.” Continue reading “Timesheets and Managing a Professional Service Firm”

If you’re smarter than Ben Franklin this post will not interest you

Recently I was talking to the owner of a business who I admire greatly and I asked him if he would nominate a book that he could confidently recommend as a source of inspiration and advice to anyone who wanted to build a really successful business. I was expecting him to refer to one of the modern popular works on management from the likes of Peter Drucker and his ilk but he instantly (and without hesitation) said “Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography.” Continue reading “If you’re smarter than Ben Franklin this post will not interest you”