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Good on you Google!

May 16th, 2016

When I was writing my earlier post on financial literacy I was going to comment of the payday loan industry and the obscene interest rates (which can easily exceed 1,000%) they charge people who are short of cash and have to live from Read more…

Financial literacy raises its head again

May 11th, 2016

How much better our society would be if everyone did what is right. I choose not to watch the news much because it’s so depressing but I made an exception last night and, as predicted, it was depressing. So much so that I feel compelled to share Read more…

The Why and the How to Measure Customer Lifetime Value

May 6th, 2016

They–the nameless and faceless people who make predictions about everything from the weather to the stock market–say it costs 6 times more to acquire a customer than it does to retain an existing customer. Interestingly, the literature contains references to acquisition to retention cost ratios ranging from 3:1 to 30:1. Quite frankly, I don’t know if the 6:1 metric is an urban myth or a thoroughly researched observation but I do believe Read more…