Become the Artistic Director of Your Firm: A Thought Experiment

Alain Ducasse runs an empire of 20 Michelin level restaurants around the world. He’s undoubtedly a great chef. But I’m sure there are many chefs of his caliber who do not have 20 restaurants with collectively 19 Michelin stars. Why? Continue reading “Become the Artistic Director of Your Firm: A Thought Experiment”

Journaling: a great way to capture and nurture your ideas

A journal is a fantastic way to capture forever, great ideas that you see, hear, read or experience. This is important because neuroscientists have long know there is a connection between the hand and the brain – specifically, hand writing notes while you’re reading increases your comprehension and recall.

This happens for two reasons. Continue reading “Journaling: a great way to capture and nurture your ideas”

The story of a Mexican American whose beliefs changed

A Sunday morning ritual I have come to enjoy starts with a 2 hour coffee and reading session at my favorite Starbucks store. Typically I’ll be among the first to arrive and I leave when the crowd starts to come in. The store I visit is in the Heavenly Village which is kept clean and tidy by a diligent crew of people headed by my friend Jose, who is the head of the Village maintenance team. Continue reading “The story of a Mexican American whose beliefs changed”

Please take care of yourself and optimize your performance

In the past three years three valued members and friends of the Principa Alliance have either died or had a serious stress-induced illness during or near tax season. A UK member died of a heart attack just after the beginning of the hectic January tax season. Another UK accountant had a stroke two days after tax season and a US member suffered a heart attack in the middle of tax season. Continue reading “Please take care of yourself and optimize your performance”

How to make $3.5 billion in 12 years

I’m often amazed at how frequently a series of events intersect. A couple of days ago I was presenting a webinar in which I talked about how important it is to empower your team members by creating an environment of trust …. a mantra we hear every day.  As always, I mentioned the work of Pat Lencioni author of The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team and Dan Pink’s thought-provoking book Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us. Continue reading “How to make $3.5 billion in 12 years”

A Business Plan Template

I’m not a huge fan of traditional business plan construction but I do acknowledge that the process gives business people a framework for thinking through the various elements of planning for success. Having said that I’m writing this post for another reason. The template that was attached was sent to me by a relationship manager at my Australian bank. I have had virtually nothing to do with him in the past and this came as somewhat as a surprise. He has no idea what my business is about and I’m certain that he sent this template to all his “business” customers. Continue reading “A Business Plan Template”