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Take a quick look at the future of our profession at work

June 30th, 2012

This month Ryan Niedoba a 24 year old team member at Niedoba & Associates in NJ presented three webinars on behalf of Principa.  He talked about his success in using some of our tools and resources, coupled with a huge dose of his own common sense and sheer talent, to turn a couple of businesses around. Read more…

Why you (and your clients) need outside help to change

June 1st, 2012

Automaticity means the ability to do things without thinking about it. It’s usually the result of learning, repetition and practice.  Much of what we do in life, including what we do at work, is automatic which is why our habits reflect a type of unconscious competence.  For the most part automaticity is a good thing but it becomes a significant barrier if we want to change our habits because they’re no longer serving us well. Read more…