Success, goals and perserverence

There’s a dog race that starts in early March at Anchorage and ends in Nome.  It’s called the Iditarod and is described as the last great race in the world.  Typically 70-90 mushers enter with a team of 14-16 dogs.  The race is run over 1,100 miles (1,830 kms), takes between 9 to 29 days to complete and was first held in 1973 to celebrate the heroic performance of a group of mushers who delivered serum to Nome in 1925 to combat a diphtheria epidemic that was killing kids. Continue reading “Success, goals and perserverence”

What We Can Learn From A Carwash Cafe

I have just been asked what I’ve been up to — I have been very quite on the blogging front lately … here’s why. I’ve been totally re-writing the Boot Camp content to make it more focused on a program that will help you and your team get real results for your clients and your firm.  Keep your eye on this spot for more details.

In the meantime, my colleague Mark James sent me a summary of an experience watching the 4 ways to grow your business be executed by a business in Sydney recently.  I thought it would make an excellent “guest blog” entry so here it is, it is something you could share with your clients to let them know that even in these tough times opportunities to run a better business are everywhere. Continue reading “What We Can Learn From A Carwash Cafe”