Remember when you were a kid and anything was possible?

I well remember when I was a kid thinking anything was possible.  Superman was my hero and I was convinced that I could fly like him so with a raincoat attached to my neck, a 15 foot ledge to spring from and a tree branch only 10 feet away I proceeded to test that thought.  Needless to say my broken wrist confirmed that, at that time anyway, I quite obviously still had some flight training to do.  In later years I discovered that airline assisted flight was more comfortable and convenient. Continue reading “Remember when you were a kid and anything was possible?”

Lessons from the Greatful Dead

Several years ago I attended a Grateful Dead concert in San Jose with a bunch of Canadian friends.  We were accompanied by about 20,000 other people most of whom describe themselves as Deadheads—which is another name for extremely loyal (bordering on fanatical!) fan who range in age from teenagers to the oldest baby boomers. The concert was incredible in every respect and it really got me thinking about organizations, leadership, customer loyalty and most importantly synergy. Continue reading “Lessons from the Greatful Dead”

We have an important job to do

On May 12 the Australian Treasurer brought down the Federal Budget.  Predictably it revealed an enormous deficit and much talk about the recession and economic realities etc.  I find it so thoroughly depressing to listen to all the negative drivel coming from the mouth’s of all the naysayers and championed by a media that delights in putting a negative spin on everything.  An absence of business and consumer confidence is a primary cause of a recession and without wishing to over-simplify the solution, a fast recovery is much more likely if the media would either shut up or better still, focus on the positive things that are happening in the world especially emerging trends that auger well for a solid recovery.   We can stop having a recessionary mindset if we just stop measuring and reporting on GDP until it starts to move back into the black! Continue reading “We have an important job to do”