What are CPAs talking about

Bill Sheridan always has interesting insights about our profession with an equally interesting angle that he posts on the MACPA blog. One that jumped of the page for me recently was one he called The Best Business Advice Ever: Be Willing to Change. As usual, Bill is right on the money so take a moment to read his thoughts. Continue reading “What are CPAs talking about”

Do you have a purpose?

Ask this question to anyone and you’ll get many different answers ranging from: that’s my business, I don’t really have one, I want to be happy, to be content, to make a difference, to make lots of money, to have fun ….. etc. etc. The point is, it’s a personal thing, it quite like changes over time it may be inward looking or it may be outward or it may be both. Continue reading “Do you have a purpose?”

Autonomy and Team Member Performance

Since I have been presenting the Q&A web conferences this year slightly less than 50% of the questions asked have related directly or indirectly to team member issues such as how to delegate, how to get them to embrace your culture, how to motivate and get engagement, how to improve productivity, how to get people to think logically etc. Continue reading “Autonomy and Team Member Performance”

Urinals, Flies and System Design

A couple of years ago I was at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam on my way to a meeting in Eindhoven. As often happens when travelling I needed to use the restroom. For the most part it was like any other restroom around the world but when I addressed the urinal I noticed there was, what appeared to me (sans glasses) to be, a black image of a spider or something etched on the bowl. You probably don’t want to hear this level of detail but I need to tell you that I aimed for that image, hit it and then left the restroom after washing my hands without giving it another thought. Continue reading “Urinals, Flies and System Design”

Brewing excellence, one cup at a time

That’s the marketing slogan of Keurig the company (among others) that has created coffee pods they call K-Cups that allow consumers to enjoy a really good quality coffee beverage without having the skill expected from a trained Barista and, most importantly, it makes all this possible to quickly and conveniently do in their home or office. Continue reading “Brewing excellence, one cup at a time”