Pricing Your Proposals: Don’t Assume Clients Act Rationally

If you prepare service proposals for consideration by your clients you need to read this post.  In my first lesson in microeconomics I was taught that most demand curves slope downwards from left to right.  For some products they will be steep and for others they will be flatter but for nearly all products (and services) it is posited that lower price will lead to more sales so we were taught. Continue reading “Pricing Your Proposals: Don’t Assume Clients Act Rationally”

Pricing …. again

If there is one universal critical success factor for all businesses pricing must be close to the top of the list and yet it is the least understood and most frequently abused tool in the management armory.  How often do you hear a client say I can’t raise my price because I’ll lose all my customers?  Maybe you even have the same view about your own pricing. Continue reading “Pricing …. again”

2012 Good Bad Ugly Accounting Benchmarking Survey

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly of the Australian Accounting Profession (produced by Business Fitness) has proven itself to be the most valuable and comprehensive research publication of its kind for the Australian accounting profession.  Knowing where you are in relation to other firms in your industry is the first, and probably the most important, step in taking your firm to the next level.

This year the report will be released in early to mid October but you must act now to be certain to receive your free printed copy–a saving of $295 by the way, but only if you complete the on-line survey before the cutoff date being Friday 5pm, August 31.

This year, the data collection and analysis will cover not just all of the important accounting firm key performance areas, but also the trends and insights relating to current industry topics such as the use of technology, revenue growth, succession planning and the use of outsourcing.

In addition, Business Fitness are also offering participants a free customised comparison report (valued at $795) which specifically compares the performance results of your firm with similar firms and the industry as a whole. You will need to submit a request for that report to Business Fitness at the completion of the online survey.

Here’s how to participate in the 2012 survey:

It will all be online and should take you no longer than 40-50 minutes.  That’s nothing compared to the value you’ll get from your participation.

Before starting the survey I strongly suggest that you read the Guide to Completing the 2012 GBU Survey so that you understand exactly what information is required.

Once you have done that you can access the online survey, enter your firm’s information and submit your responses.  This must be done before 5pm, August 31 for you to receive your free copy of the final report. Further, you must also complete Parts A and B of the survey and your responses must be authentic to qualify for the free report …. that’s only fair.

If you have any questions you can email the guys at Business Fitness at

This is a management initiative that I strongly recommend.  It really is a high quality source of information that you can use for more effectively managing and growing your practice.