What would Henry Ford think about the Cloud?

I was going through some old note folders and came across a photocopied page from a report that, unfortunately, I no longer know the title of. It contained an infographic that I found incredibly interesting.


What really caught my attention when I saw this were the comments that 43% of the respondents to the survey who have no plans to use the cloud because (and I paraphrase) “…  it would be too difficult to educate clients and/or it is too early because there’s no demand yet.”

This is nearly half the survey respondents and I just hope it’s not representative of the profession as a whole.

I can’t think of a single significant innovation that came into being AFTER there was a demonstrable demand or after people knew how to use it.

Can you imagine Henry Ford sitting at his kitchen table saying to himself “I won’t pursue this automobile idea because it will be too difficult for people to understand why it’s better than a horse and carriage and in any event, there’s not enough demand for one yet.”

But this report carries some very good news for at least 35% of the firms interviewed. They will enjoy an early adapter advantage while the rest of them play catch-up in due course.


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