Trash your annual performance reviews

At our Bootcamps and other events one of the biggest and most important recommendations we made for getting team engagement was to stop doing annual performance reviews with your team members. I was reminded of this the other day when I saw a FB post from a good friend Michelle Golden in which she announced with deserved pride that the firm she is a Principal at, K-coe Isom, have abandoned doing annual reviews.

Risk of Reviews

Would you believe I just got of the phone talking to a client about the negative impact performance reviews can have on team members. In that conversation I mentioned the work of Dan Pink and his best selling book Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us.

And then I picked up today’s (oct 26, 2015) WSJ and read an article written by Chana Schoenberger titled The Risk of Reviews: Research says performance reviews do real harm.  Ms. Schoenberger noted that “researches at the Neuroleadership Institute, concluded that the very fact of giving employees a rating jolts them into a “fight or flight” scenario with serious negative consequences.

Before you do your next review you might want to consult the literature on the efficacy of performance reviews.

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