Six pieces of advice you can give (and take) in a slow economy

I was reading the April, 2012 editing of Inc. magazine this morning and came across an interesting article that I think all people in business would benefit from reading. It was titled Fast Growth in a Slow Economy and suggested 5 strategies to grow sales when people aren’t too interested in buying. I’ve added a 6th strategy and that is, Continue reading “Six pieces of advice you can give (and take) in a slow economy”

Success, goals and perserverence

There’s a dog race that starts in early March at Anchorage and ends in Nome.  It’s called the Iditarod and is described as the last great race in the world.  Typically 70-90 mushers enter with a team of 14-16 dogs.  The race is run over 1,100 miles (1,830 kms), takes between 9 to 29 days to complete and was first held in 1973 to celebrate the heroic performance of a group of mushers who delivered serum to Nome in 1925 to combat a diphtheria epidemic that was killing kids. Continue reading “Success, goals and perserverence”