A Goal is Not a Strategy

It is quite common to see statements like:

“Our strategy is to become the preeminent firm in our community.”

“Our strategy is to disrupt our industry.”

“Our strategy is to disintermediate the industry’s supply chain.”

A sole business owner, might say “my strategy is to make a living doing the best I can.”

At best these are poorly framed objectives in part because they are definitionally devoid of rigour and no less important, they offer no sense of guidance for day-to-day decision-making. Statements like this are poorly defined goals that offer no operational guidance but only describe an ill-defined destination. They are not strategies, they only become strategic when they are extended to describe how the goal is intended to be accomplished. That is, a clearly defined goal is an element of a strategy, it is not the strategy.

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Success, goals and perserverence

There’s a dog race that starts in early March at Anchorage and ends in Nome.  It’s called the Iditarod and is described as the last great race in the world.  Typically 70-90 mushers enter with a team of 14-16 dogs.  The race is run over 1,100 miles (1,830 kms), takes between 9 to 29 days to complete and was first held in 1973 to celebrate the heroic performance of a group of mushers who delivered serum to Nome in 1925 to combat a diphtheria epidemic that was killing kids. Continue reading “Success, goals and perserverence”