Rush Jobs Calendar

This is a special calendar that has been developed to help you get more done in any given month.







All dates run backwards because all rush jobs are needed yesterday. This means you can tell a client to expect work to be completed by the 7th but have it delivered on the 2nd or 3rd.

Everyone wants a job finished by Friday so we’ve added three Fridays each week.  There are also 5 new days at the end of the month for all of those inevitable “end- of-month” jobs that must be finished.

The 1st of the month has been eliminated so there’s no late delivery of end-of-month jobs and  Mondays have also been eliminated because no one likes Mondays.

Saturdays and Sundays have also been eliminated to make way for Fridays (which everyone likes) and also so that no overtime needs to be paid.  The other advantage is that people will not feel they’re giving up a weekend in order to work.

Finally, Mirday has been created and added to the calendar for the performance of Miracles.

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