I thought I invented the phrase “sea of sameness” but I didn’t

For years I have been saying to anyone willing to listen, if you you want to create a great firm – one that out-performs the rest of the industry by an order of magnitude (another of my favorite sayings!) – you MUST ESCAPE THE SEA OF SAMENESS.

Today I came across this rather old video of a presentation Tom Peters did in 2001. I must admit I’m a big fan of Peters because he has a habit of sharing profoundly important ideas in a very forceful and compelling manner.

A couple of things caught my attention. First, Tom has lost a lot of weight in the past 13 years and is now looking great; second, his observations are as relevant today as they were in 2001 and I suspect for most firms they will apply in 2021 if you get what I mean; third, what he’s saying here applies to every industry you care to choose.

While I now realize I did not invent the  “sea of sameness” phrase but must have picked it up from Peters somewhere in my travels what I have invented is the Practice Innovation Workshop which is THE key, in my not-so-humble view, to escaping from the sea of sameness and riding the wave of opportunity that’s there for the taking as the world moves faster and faster into the cloud. This is a very, very important program …. believe me!


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