U2 on Leveraging Content

I recently read an article about U2’s soon-to-be-released re-issue of its Achtung Baby album.  These guys, or their business advisers, certainly know how to price and/or leverage all of their considerable talent and content.

The refurbished album will come in 5 versions. You can buy the original CD for $14, or you might choose a double CD that has lots of extras for $30; or for just $120 you will get a 4-disc vinyl box set.  But it doesn’t stop there, $168 will buy you 4 CDs, 16 art prints and a hardbound book; and if you are a real fan you’ll want to invest $470 to get everything plus other bonuses including vinyl singles and …. wait for it … Bono’s signature “The Fly” sunglasses!

Now, what were you saying that tax return you just did was priced at?  How about bundling in an Annual Business Performance Review complemented with a  review meeting, plus a How to Improve the Profitability of Your Business booklet, a free seat at your next Practical Financial Management Program and a pair of sunglasses so your client can see the forest for the trees.

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